Startup business accelerator

With the permission of the Vice President of Science and Technology

Accelerators provide start-up businesses with the services they need to grow and survive and receive a percentage of the business’s equity in exchange for the services provided.

Mazico Accelerator started its activity in 2018 with the aim of helping the growth of new knowledge-based businesses, and Pishgaman Electromechanics Company of Mazand was registered with registration number 7107 in 2020. Mazico’s main activity is to provide various services such as training, shared and dedicated work space, mentorship, legal and financial consulting, infrastructure services and creating an environment for the growth of new teams, etc.

Mazico's Services

commercialization and obtaining licenses and standards and company registration
Infrastructure services including server, internet, central telephone and cloud services
Supply Human Resources
Legal services
Financial, accounting and tax services
Direct investment
Access to investors
(Obtaining facilities from science and technology park and research fund, etc.)
Laboratory and workshop space
Dedicated and shared space
Guidance and counseling
Mentoring and coaching network


This group intends to increase the scope of its activity by providing facilities, services and educational platform, etc. in the society and be able to, with the cooperation of the educated, in the near future, become the most comprehensive specialized platform for investment and acceleration of ideas and wealth generation in The country becomes


We intend to provide space, infrastructure, devices and equipment and reduce the capital costs of start-ups active in the country’s electromechanical equipment industry, by creating a suitable and efficient connection between entrepreneurs and investors for economic development and promoting entrepreneurship in the country, a platform for cultivating new ideas. provide and then accelerate and facilitate the way those ideas reach the market; For this purpose, we consider ourselves committed to supporting the activities of elite entrepreneurs and attracting investors in the direction of economic development and wealth creation.


Our goal at Mazico Entrepreneurship is to identify and help the growth and development of budding technologists who want to make a change in the world around them, create a business at the national and then global level and build a better world.