Setting up the monitoring system
Setting up the IOT system
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Electrical Industry

Electrification operations and setting up of high voltage and super distribution power networks

Internet Of Things

Design and production of smart products based on IOT

Monitoring Systems

Setting up all kinds of monitoring systems in the field of IOT

Electronic Circuit Design

Consultation, design and reverse engineering of all types of electronic circuits with dedicated programming

Iran's brokerage in Russia

Providing advertising services, export commercialization and export consulting to knowledge-based companies

Startup Accelerator

Mentoring, investment, consulting and work space to new companies and growing startups

Pishrogostar Ertebati Caspian (Avisan)

With the use of talented, creative and professional forces, we have been able to produce products in various fields, and 5 products of this company have knowledge-based marks and approvals, these products include load management devices, smart sockets, ultrasonic level gauges, modems. It is an industry and… that are being used and exploited in various industries including electricity consumption management and fields such as meteorology and water and sewage.

This company is also active in the fields of engineering contracting, through which it has cooperated with various government organizations such as electricity distribution company, water and sewage company, meteorology, oil company, industrial towns and municipalities.

These collaborations have been in various fields such as the implementation of optical fiber lines, the launch of intelligent road lighting systems, the launch of intelligent systems for power consumption management, the launch and installation of solar systems, etc.
By implementing it, we were able to satisfy our customers.

Project in progress
The device is built

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